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06 Dec Interesting Mechanical Horse Ride
eastinflatables 0 105
The world of entertainment continuously evolves, introducing innovative and intriguing attractions to captivate audiences. Among these, mechanical horse rides stand out as fascinating and engaging experiences.Mechanical horse rides are captivating attractions designed to mimic the sensation of riding a real horse while incorporating mechanical move..
27 Nov Jungle Bouncy Castle
eastinflatables 0 105
Deep within the vibrant heart of an imaginary jungle, a whimsical marvel awaits discovery—the Jungle Bouncy Castle. Set amidst a fantastical landscape, this inflatable wonderland beckons with its allure of adventure and endless fun.At the first glance, the Jungle Bouncy Castle emerges like a playful secret hidden within the foliage. Its colors, a s..
07 Nov Get Ready for a PAWsome Adventure: The Paw Patrol Bouncy Castle with Slide!
eastinflatables 0 141
Are you ready for an adventure like no other? Calling all pups and adventure seekers to hop, jump, and slide into the most PAWtastic bouncy castle ever! Introducing the one and only "Paw Patrol Bouncy Castle with Slide" – it's a bounce-tastic bonanza, and it's here to make your next event unforgettable.Meet Your Favorite Pups: Chase, Marshall, Skye..
27 Oct What are the advantages of inflatable tents?
eastinflatables 0 166
Inflatable tents, also known as air tents, have gained popularity due to their unique design and various advantages. Here are some of the key advantages of inflatable tents:1 Quick and Easy Setup: Inflatable tents are incredibly easy and fast to set up. Instead of traditional tent poles, they use air-filled beams or tubes that can be inflated in a ..
23 Oct Traditional Sticky Velcro Wall Game
eastinflatables 0 172
A traditional sticky Velcro wall game is a fun and interactive activity often seen at parties, fairs, and team-building events. The game typically involves two main components: a Velcro wall and participants wearing Velcro suits.Here's how the game is typically set up and played:1 Velcro Wall: The central element of the game is a large inflatable w..
11 Oct Are inflatable tents strong and reliable?
eastinflatables 0 175
Inflatable tents, also known as air tents or inflatable camping tents, can be strong and reliable when used and maintained correctly. However, their strength and reliability depend on several factors:1 Quality of Materials: The quality of materials used in the tent's construction is a significant factor. High-quality, durable, and puncture-resistan..
05 Jul How do you use an air blower?
eastinflatables 0 299
Using an air blower to inflate a bouncy castle is a straightforward process. Here's a general step-by-step guide on how to use an air blower:1 Position the bouncy castle: Set up the bouncy castle in the desired location, ensuring it is on a flat and clean surface. Make sure there is enough space around the inflatable for safe inflation.2 Locate the..
30 Jul Big Blue Inflatable Water Slide
eastinflatables 0 1240
Big Blue Inflatable Water Slide Look at this beautiful blue water slide, it uses water ripple PVC material, make the whole water slide looks smooth and bright. The size is 10m(L)x4.5m(W)x5.5m(H), it is wide enough, it also has a big deep water pool, when put enough water in it, you could directly slide to it and enjoy the cool water.It’s suitabl..
24 Jul Dolphin Combo Bouncy Castle
east 0 971
Dolphin Combo Bouncy CastleDo you like dolphin?This dolphin combo bouncy castle's size is 5m(L)x5m(W)x5m(H). It has two big dolphins on the top, beautiful Mermaid painting, and slide outside, also by using the blue PVC material, make you feel like to play in the sea.If you have special requirements, pls let me know, we could customize for you. ..
15 Jul Funny Under the Sea Bouncy Castle
east 0 1104
Funny Under the Sea Bouncy CastleLook, we are under the sea. Wow, there are so many fishes, so cute. And be careful there is a big shark behind you. Let’s hide in the bouncy castle, and enjoy to play under the sea. This under the sea bouncy castle has beautiful painting, the fishes and plants are clear. Its size is 5.5m(L)x3.5m(W)x3m(H). You also..
10 Jul Exciting mechanical bull
east 0 833
Exciting mechanical bull Do you want to experience riding on a bull? Have no time to go out? That’s ok, this inflatable mechanical bull can make you feel like riding on a really bull and just in your backyard. It has different modes, you could experience different bullfighting modes. It also can be as a bouncy castle. One inflatable has two func..
07 Jul High Speed Cliff Hanger Slide
east 0 947
High Speed Cliff Hanger Slide This Cliff hanger slide is 9m high and 11m long. Slope is close to 90 degrees. It’s just like a big mountain standing there, when you climb up to the top, and look down, you may feel scared, but if you are brave to slide, there is only “exciting” left in your mind when you come down. And just want try one more again..
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