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01 Jun How do you secure inflatables in wind?
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Securing inflatables in windy conditions is crucial to prevent them from being blown away or causing potential hazards.1 Choose a sheltered location: When setting up inflatables, select a location that is relatively sheltered from strong winds. Avoid open areas or places prone to gusty winds.2 Use stakes or anchors: Most inflatables come with stake..
31 May How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Bouncy Castle in Canada?
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Planning a fun-filled event for children in Canada often involves considering the option of renting a bouncy castle. Whether it's a birthday party, community gathering, or any special occasion, a bouncy castle adds excitement and entertainment. One common question that arises is, "How much does it cost to rent a bouncy castle in Canada?" Factors Af..
31 May How to find inflatables for sale in Canada?
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To find inflatables for sale in Canada, you can follow these steps:1 Online search: Start by conducting an online search using search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Use relevant keywords such as "inflatables for sale in Canada" or be more specific if you're looking for a particular type of inflatable, like "Bouncy Castles for sale in Canada" ..
30 Jul Big Blue Inflatable Water Slide
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Big Blue Inflatable Water SlideLook at this beautiful blue water slide, it uses water ripple PVC material, make the whole water slide looks smooth and bright. The size is 10m(L)x4.5m(W)x5.5m(H), it is wide enough, it also has a big deep water pool, when put enough water in it, you could directly slide to it and enjoy the cool water.It’s suitabl..
24 Jul Dolphin Combo Bouncy Castle
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Dolphin Combo Bouncy CastleDo you like dolphin?This dolphin combo bouncy castle's size is 5m(L)x5m(W)x5m(H). It has two big dolphins on the top, beautiful Mermaid painting, and slide outside, also by using the blue PVC material, make you feel like to play in the sea.If you have special requirements, pls let me know, we could customize for you. ..
15 Jul Funny Under the Sea Bouncy Castle
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Funny Under the Sea Bouncy CastleLook, we are under the sea. Wow, there are so many fishes, so cute. And be careful there is a big shark behind you. Let’s hide in the bouncy castle, and enjoy to play under the sea. This under the sea bouncy castle has beautiful painting, the fishes and plants are clear. Its size is 5.5m(L)x3.5m(W)x3m(H). You also..
10 Jul Exciting mechanical bull
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Exciting mechanical bullDo you want to experience riding on a bull? Have no time to go out? That’s ok, this inflatable mechanical bull can make you feel like riding on a really bull and just in your backyard. It has different modes, you could experience different bullfighting modes. It also can be as a bouncy castle. One inflatable has two func..
07 Jul High Speed Cliff Hanger Slide
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High Speed Cliff Hanger SlideThis Cliff hanger slide is 9m high and 11m long. Slope is close to 90 degrees. It’s just like a big mountain standing there, when you climb up to the top, and look down, you may feel scared, but if you are brave to slide, there is only “exciting” left in your mind when you come down. And just want try one more again..
02 Jul 35m Long Giant Hippo Slide
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35m Long Giant Hippo SlideDo you want to enjoy the speed and slide at the same time?Try this giant hippo slide! It’s 6 meter high, and 35 meter long. Putting some water and soap, you could slide freely. With PVC material, it’s more durable and can ensure safety. Lean more, you could refer to the video on our Youtube:
01 Jul New Inkjet printer makes pictures more clear and colorful
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New Inkjet Printer Makes Pictures More Clear and ColorfulYou may need to print the picture you like or your children like on the bouncy castles. I believe you must want that the picture is very clear and beautiful, also will not fade after use. Our new inkjet printer uses I3200A1/E1 printhead. It can print 2.5m width and has standard front infrared..
12 Oct Friendly Link
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Friendly Link: Dear friend, If you want to exchange links with us, we are very welcome. Please leave a comment below, thank you.Exchange link requirements: inflatables, bounce houses, toys, outdoors, sports, children's playgrounds, original blogs, alexa statistics ranks about 1,000,000 in the world.Our text link: East InflatablesOur link: https:/..
31 Dec East Inflatables Canada
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Welcome to our Canada website: We will more service in CA. We could deliver Inflatables to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and most places in Canada. You could see more best quality inflatables.Other Website: The United States(, United Kingdom(www.east-inflatables...
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