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Inflatable Water Slides For Adults

Inflatable Water Slides For Adults
Inflatable Water Slides For Adults

Inflatable water slides come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, and can be rented or purchased from party rental companies or water sports equipment retailers. They are typically made of durable and waterproof PVC, and are inflated using an electric pump.

In Canada, it is important to follow all safety guidelines when using an inflatable water slide. This includes ensuring that the slide is properly anchored and secured, that it is being used in a safe and appropriate location, and that children are supervised at all times while using it.

Overall, inflatable water slides are a fun and entertaining way to enjoy the summer in Canada, and are a popular activity for families and groups of all ages.

Are you looking for cheap inflatable water slide in Canada? We are produce high quality inflatable water slides for adults for sale to rental clients, who have buy inflatable water slide from us and they are very pleased with their purchases from East Inflatables manufacturer. We could deliver inflatable water slides for adults to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and most places in Canada.

SKU: E104013
Size(meter): 15m(L)x5.5m(W)x6m(H)
Size(feet): 49ft(L)x18ft(W)x20ft(H)

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  • Model: E104013
  • Dimensions: 15.00m x 5.50m x 6.00m
  • SKU: E104013